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SendToQuickBase™ saves Emails and Outlook Contacts, Tasks, Appointments and more into Quick Base!

SmartEmailReminder for Quick Base™

Automatically send formatted email messages from Quick Base to any email address based on dates and criteria you select, inserting Quick Base field values and attachments.

Watch a Video Demonstration

SmartEmailReminder - Part 1

SmartEmailReminder - Part 2

Examples of How SmartEmailReminder Is Used

  • Sales - Send messages to leads based on your sales cycle
  • Accounting - Automatically send invoices based on date due, and follow-up reminders if not paid
  • Project Management - Send project reminders or updates to people outside your organization

... and more

How It Works

Similar to the email reminder feature in Quick Base, the SmartEmailReminder service allows you to automatically send email messages a certain number of days before or after a date in your Quick Base record. You can also set other criteria based on your Quick Base fields. For example, automatically email an invoice to a customer:

30 days before [Date Due] and
[Payment Received] is not checked

There is no software to install, SmartEmailReminder is a hosted service.

Here is an example of a SmartEmailReminder email message template that you could create.

"Smart" Features

However, SmartEmailReminder goes way beyond the limited capabilities of Quick Base's email reminders, including many "smart" features.

  • Nicely formatted messages, including images, due to HTML support.
  • Include Quick Base (or other) file attachments with the message.
  • Send email messages to non-Quick Base users and to any email address. This includes the use of Quick Base fields to specify the "To" email address.
  • Specify the email address that appears in the "From" field, including the use of a Quick Base field. (Quick Base email appears as sent from the Quick Base admin or
  • Automatically populate the email subject and body with data from your Quick Base field values. For example:
    Subject: Your Balance is [Days Past Due] Overdue!
    Your payment of [Amount Due] for the purchase of [Product Name] is [Days Past Due] overdue. Please remit immediately.
  • Avoid including the Quick Base record in the email message body (as Quick Base does).
  • No "Dear ..." that Quick Base inserts at the top of each message.


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